Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meeting John Malkovich

A couple of years ago I met John Malkovich in Sydney with a group of friends. He's a charming, modest, humorous man and our group had a lot of laughs at the relaxed after dinner gathering.

Mr Malkovich was filming a movie which I have just noticed will be reviewed on Pixie and Fungus' show (At the Movies) next airing.

The movie is called Disgrace.

It is true that the camera puts on several kilos.

Which reminds me, I must rent Burn After Reading!


Boy on a bike said...

You jammy bastard!

kae said...

Jammy bastard.

Name dropper.

Same difference.

Egg said...

Seeing John Malkovich being John Malkovich?

If you've got it (starpower), flaunt it! :)

Pogria said...

Burn After Reading is brilliant. Do rent it, you wont be sorry.
Malkovich is inspired, especially funny as he devolves into total paranoia and crazy.
The big surprise in the movie is Brad Pitt's performance. That little sucker can really act when he wants to.

kae said...

Yeah, Pogs, I've heard it was excellent... an hilarious comedy.

I've seen it on spesh at Target... I might buy it.