Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, for crying out loud!

Tourism Queensland's new $4.16 million global brand Queensland, Where Australia Shines has already recorded more than $3.7 million in publicity value for Queensland since its launch last Tuesday, Minister for Tourism Peter Lawlor said.
Okay, sounds good.

However, tonight some mob is complaining that the new advertisements aren't sun-smart.

What? Isn't that why people come to Queensland beaches?

Other people are complaining that "The Outback" isn't represented.

There's only so much they can put into an advertisement.


Boy on a bike said...

The only pitfall with Qld is that it is full of.... Queenslanders. They do tend to be a bit mental, you know.

Albury Shifton said...

It also doesn't mention croc repellent, cane toad cudgels and the sights of Fortitude Valley; someone in production really slipped up this time!

bingbing said...

And others are complaining about the complainers. I love bloggers. ;)

As for you BOAB, the only problem with New South Welshpeople (PC all the way, mate!), is that they can't play football no matter what the code - with the exception of St George who had to be coached by a Queenslander.

Minicapt said...

Queensland- just another geographic expression. Or a possible reference to Kingston, Ontario.


Mehaul said...

Advertising by bureaucrats is over researched, over complicated, totally unaccountable and created to satisfy the lowest common denominator. Mainly to protect the arses of those involved in its development.

It also invariably involves an enormous wastage of money that is never disclosed to tax payers. But who's surprised.