Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bligh, saviour of Queensland!

Bligh saved Queensland from the effects of the GFC


Led us through the worst natural disasters in Queensland.

Hear it here*!

*If you can stomach it.


stackja1945 said...

When will she go away?

Merilyn said...

What is the date of the election? Have to plan for the party at Kae's if Anna is defeated.

kae said...

Stacks, not soon enough!

Merilyn, 24 March!

Kaboom said...

Oh God.....

I have an eerie recollection of 21 March 2009 - in the aftermath, only one solitary person in my wide acquaintanceship was game enough to admit to voting Labor. This is for the following 2+ years!

Yes, it was a female.

I really think that the "Can-Do" brand is utterly damaged by that horror-head who pokes her nose into any media scrum.

Kaboom hereby predicts a narrow ALP victory. This is purely as a direct result of the lack of ability and political calibre of the opposition.

Peter Slipper is so damaging to the Queensland idiots..... they didn't even prepare for this!

I'm going to see if I can get good odds on Bligh on BetFair.....

kae said...

Hi Kaboom

I know, it's abyssmal.

But for experience and capability I'd vote LNP - and get rid of the ALP nepotistic, incompetent, criminal fiasco.