Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good advice from a Mom

Gregory's iPhone Contract.


Anonymous said...

Hello kae how are you keeping?

Just got back from a much cooler clime and there was nobody to turn on the aircon at my place in the morning.

It can keep the place cool once it's cool but takes for ever to catch up and cool it down.

Hope everything is OK with you?


kae said...

Hi Lou

I'm well, just starting one month's holiday - hurrah!

Funny you should email now, guess what I'm watching... something you'd like, too!

The Guangzhou tower construction on 7Mate 'Mega Structures", it's not programmed in my TV guide.

How are you going? Look at my profile and email me.

Anonymous said...

I'm well, just starting one month's holiday

Lucky you!
I'm back on the plane tomorrow night, had to come back to sort out a few things, not easy at this time of year.

Saw the prog you mentioned before.
I watch them, they give me ideas how to tackle tricky problems even if not closely related to my field.

Yes an old dog can learn new tricks.

You'd think you saw it all but not so.

kae said...

Where have you been? What have you been up to? How are you?

Floyd's barking his head off, the girl next door is over here feeding and watering her horses. Floyd loves her so much! (Meg loves her too!)

If you email me via my About Me section (there's an email link there), we can have a natter, and you can tell me about anything interesting on teev that you know may be coming up!

Anonymous said...

sent email catch you tomorrow before I leave.
If not then later
Cheers and take care now ya hear?