Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Kevin's a mate." but wait, there's more....

Hockey is close to Kevin Rudd. He knows the Prime Minister better than anyone else in the Opposition. He likes to tell friends: "Kevin's a mate. But really he's full of shit - I know his weaknesses."

No shit, Sherlock? I think most of Australia, not already awake up to Kevin's shortcomings in the PM department, is rapidly becoming aware of the con perpetrated on them.

What do you think?

Update: From Wand, a link to the Rudd Speak video at Kevin Rudd Lies.

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Caz said...

Ah, you beat me to it. Just sent through a response.

John A said...

Yep, Australia is certainly waking up to the Rudd nightmare, as this recent opinion poll shows:

KEVIN RUDD'S lead over Brendan Nelson as preferred prime minister is the biggest that any party leader has enjoyed in the 36-year history of the Nielsen poll.

Rudd's lead - 70 per cent to Nelson's 17 per cent - puts him a vast 53 percentage points ahead of Nelson. It would appear to be an unbridgeable chasm.

"It's the biggest hammering in history," the Herald pollster, Nielsen's John Stirton, says.

It makes Simon Crean's worst performance against John Howard, a deficit of 42 percentage points, look positively respectable. That was enough to cost Crean his job as leader of the opposition.

So should Nelson's dreadful polling cost him his grasp on the same job now?

On the face of it, the answer must be yes. But there is a big question for the Liberal Party to answer before it decides: is Nelson in a hopeless position because he is unsaleable, or because Rudd is unassailable?

The dominant reality in Australian politics is the ascendancy of Kevin Rudd. Today's poll finds he is the second most popular leader in the history of the Nielsen poll, the longest polling series in Australia.

Rudd's approval rating is 69 per cent. For perspective, the highest rating Gough Whitlam managed was 62 per cent; Malcolm Fraser's best was 56; Paul Keating's was 40; John Howard peaked at 67.

The only leader to rate higher than Rudd was Bob Hawke with 75 per cent, and it took him more than a year and a half in power to get there.

Should be a landslide for the Libs at the next election at this rate.

kae said...

John A

Keep listening, John A. There's a lot of unhappy campers out there who voted for KRudd Inc. they'll be voicing their disappointment quite soon. The honeymoon is over.

Please note that if you are going to provide a link and then quote almost the entire article I'll have to delete it (I can't selectively edit posts... well, I don't think I can).

John A said...

I'm sure that Kevin is shaking in his shoes at those unhappy campers (Nelson, Downer and Turnbull). I think you're projecting your beliefs onto everybody else. If the honeymoon is over, then the comedown appears to be gentle.

If Kevin is a dud, I'm sure he'll get found out, but Australia being what it is, has already made that call on Brendan Nelson as an alternative PM.

The one way I guess that Rudd can become unsettled is if the economy takes a major swandive (a Wayne Swandive?) and Aussies start blaming the government. Other than that, Kevin's not getting too much flak at the moment.

Wand said...

Of course Kevin lies. It is becoming well documented:

The site linked from Midnight Sun ( ) will be worth following and promoting as the months tick by. And it may be interesting to watch his supporters squirm and internally convulse as they remain spiritually true to their 'leader'. Another point that will be interesting, a prediction I make, will be the day when events for 'Kev' don't follow his pre-written script. Control freaks usually break when events don't run to plan and for Kev it will the day when his china doll fa├žade cracks. The question will be how long will it take?

The Rudd Speak video at Kevin Rudd is a must see:

PS - what is the procedure to insert a link into the text?

stackja1945 said...

"john a" writes like a young impressionable person. History, shows the ALP does not last very long. People get tired of them.
Wand use <> with letter a inside <> for links. Need close /a inside <>.
As says at the bottom
You can use some HTML tags, such as b, i, a do not forget <>

stackja1945 said...

not www it seems

Caz said...
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Caz said...
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Caz said...

Nope - still coming up as a link!!!

kae said...
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Wand said...

This is a test comment with an embedded link to Ruddspeak

And it works .. hmm a bit fiddly but so what. Cheers.

Caz said...

Wand, yes, your link worked.

I give up on the instructions - Blogger won't let me post the parts separately either, as it won't accept "broken tags".

Back to the point of the thread:

Rudd will remain "popular" for a long, long time.

No matter whether it's a choice of holiday destination, a job, a spouse, or a vote, people continue to rationalize their choices, look for evidence of its correctness, so as to feel GOOD about the decision they made. This is just as true of casting a vote as for choosing a shampoo. People need to justify, for themselves, in their own minds, what they HAVE done - the event has come and gone, now they want to feel good about their choice.

If the question is being asked by someone else, people will be all the more likely to rationalize their decisions and offer a positive response.

No way is the Rudd Rapture going to fad anytime soon. People will not suddenly up and say "I was wrong" - on the contrary, they will continue to voice their satisfaction, as doing so supports their "I was right" interpretation of their vote.

It's that simple, and it won't matter what Rudd or Swan do, or don't do.

stackja1945 said...

"the event has come and gone, now they want to feel good about their choice."
I do feel good about my choice.
One day the others will stop dreaming.

Caz said...


Which others?

Stop dreaming about what?

Pogria said...

Hey Guys,

John A is the Cricket Troll from Tim's old blog.

He's the dickhead that reckoned our Team got what they deserved from the Indians and Pakies.

As I recall, Infidel Tiger reamed him several new ones.

I will find the thread where it happened and post a link.

Infidel Tiger was truly awe-inspiring.

I'll get back to you shortly!

Pogria said...

This is one of them;

I'll link more as I find them.

Here's another one;

If you read through them, you'll see that John A is simply trying to wind people up. He never had a clue what the fuck he was talking about, and he always degenerated into bagging Tim and anyone who agreed with him.
Like I said, dickhead.

stackja1945 said...

caz said...
Which others? swingers.
Stop dreaming about what? swinging.

Caz said...

Ah, the perennial problem for swingers Stackja: no matter which bed they end up in they always have a niggling feeling they'd prefer to have landed in some other bed.

BTW - I have an excellent bed. A loverly Sealy, I highly recommend the brand.

kae said...

If they climb into bed with Kevvie and the ALP they most certainly need to have their seeing-eye dog checked over.

Caz said...

... and a much, much bigger bed.

A lot of sitting members of the ALP, a king sized bed just wouldn't accommodate them all.

As far as we can tell, or at least the mythology surrounding Kev, is that he doesn't sleep. He might lose control of something if he slept, so he doesn't.

Handy dandy hint: sleep deprivation is the equivalent of being perpetually drunk.

kae said...

Caz, you've linked to me!
I will return the favour later. zzzzzzzzzz

surfmaster said...

Rudd is a mate, spare me please. At least with such a high approval rating there is only one way to go from here.

kae said...

Kevin shaking in his boots ain't gonna happen.

Kevin wouldn't know a train was up him until someone blew the whistle.

Anonymous said...

Yeagh Kae. Stop projecting your beliefs onto everybody else. Right on Pogs. He's the same arrogant toss. The Pommie commentator's love child.