Thursday, November 20, 2008

More soggy over the hill

Travelling to work there was a lot of debris on the road, logs washed through armco fencing and lying on the road, it was annoying because some people on the road weren't being cautious. Some parts of the new sections of road near Rosewood were lifted up and moved, an inch or so thick, leaving holes and ridges on the road, too.

The next town from mine received between 160mm and 230mm, the creek flooded.

Some photos from the next town from where I live.

The locals looking out from their home saw a car swept from the road across the other side of the railway crossing, the lightning flashed the car looked like it was swept away because the next time the lightning flashed the car was gone. It hit the large brown heritage trail signs and bent them.

Closer to home, the lagoon is flooded. It came over the roadway a foot or so.


Boy on a bike said...


Beautiful one day, under water the next.

Anonymous said...

They're really good pics. I imagine you're about to have a wet weekend as well. Mehaul