Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ABC 7:30 report 29/12/08

Two interesting items on the programme last night.

The Nuclear Peace Ship which is visiting Australia to make sure that Hiroshima/Nagisaki never happens again. Video here (no transcript)

For more than 25 years a ship known as the peace boat has sailed around the world, promoting the cause of nuclear disarmament. Today it docked in Sydney, with some special passengers on board - survivors of the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the closing days of the Second World War.
Mum's comment: "Australia doesn't have any nuclear weapons. Perhaps they should visit Iran, Pakistan, India and give the message to them."

The other item of interest was

Israel pounds Gaza for third consecutive day.

The Middle East is at flashpoint, with Israeli jets pounding Gaza for the third consecutive day. World leaders and the United Nations Security Council have called for a halt to the violence after more than 300 people have reportedly been killed, including civilians and children.
Tzipi Livni was interviewed and her interview is dispersed through the report.

That woman ain't gonna take no crap from anyone. I like her.

Honestly, with the Palestinians moaning about how hard done by they are it could be a lot worse. Not using civilians as shields is a start, but loving their children more than they hate Jews would make a big change.

But I don't think that's going to happen.


Skeeter said...

I wonder why Egypt escapes blame for the effects of the blockade. Gaza is technically part of Egypt, not Israel. If Egypt had not not blockaded the southern section of Gaza, the Israeli blockade would surely fail to be effective.
On this morning's ABC2 news, it seems the ABC is having increasing difficulty in blaming the Israelis for this current escalation.
However, our national broadcasters are still emphasising the disproportionate casualties being suffered by Gazans. I wonder how the luvvies would react if 80 rockets a day were launched in Lakemba and aimed at Ultimo.

kae said...

G'day Skeeter

Mum had a chuckle about the Lakemba-Ultimo assault.

So did I.

I also thought that the ABC was finding it harder to blame the Israelis... However, I still notice that all the reporting is about the poor Palis - though the latest ABC reports seem to be saying more about the Israeli's copping rockets from the Palis.

Well, I say BFH*.


kc said...

Finally, the ghost of Moshe Dayan has something to smile about.

The Pali's have launched rockets into Israel EVERY DAY since Israel DID AS THEY DEMANDED & PULLED OUT OF GAZA!

If there were truly a humanitarian 'crisis' in Gaza, with people starving, as I hear so much whining about, Hamas wouldn't be able to afford such firepower. Them Ruskie/Chinese rockets are EXPENSIVE.

SOME of us know the "violence" will stop - or at least subside - only when Israel pounds the hateful, lying, hate-filled Palestinians into mush.

And not one second sooner.

Anonymous said...

"Australia doesn't have any nuclear weapons. Perhaps they should visit Iran, Pakistan, India and give the message to them."

I like your Mom - sounds like a smart lady! On a sort of similar note, one of my sisters in the States attends silent prayer vigils outside various prisons throughout the South in what is meant to be respectful, dignified protest against capital punishment, and outside one prison as a man was being put to death there was a ragtag mob of noisy obnoxious giant-papier-mâché-head-type protesters with clearly Australian accents.

Her comment was, "Why aren't they protesting in their own backyard - since probably 80% of executions take place in Asia?"

Must be the "Never laugh at live dragons!" syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Clicking The Australian's website over the last couple days I saw 2 Pali photos at the top which looked suss. First it was 2 men supporting a fat old guy with no obvious wound (gout?) against a burning background - looked like a composite. Today its some building burning with an excess of thick black smoke - looks enhanced.

I'm sick of how our press sucks up to these turds by broadcasting their propaganda.

Skeeter said...

Paco has this link to Egypt's views on the Palis' rocket assault against Israel.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit harshly censured Hamas today (27 Dec), placing responsibility for the current situation on Hamas.

Anonymous said...

I spent half a day in the war museum in Hiroshima earlier this year and came away very disappointed. Not once, anywhere, anyhow, anyway do the Japanese mention their own role in the war and why the Americans felt forced to drop those bombs. The Hiroshima Japanese have turned the whole nuclear bomb issue on its head and now portray themselves as peace and anti nuclear evangelists. Sad as the bombing was, the Japs have a mountain load to answer for re the 2nd World War and their atrocities. Some perpetrated after the surrender on American pows.

This ship sailing the world is just a propaganda machine. Ignore it. Mehaul

Skeeter said...

For those that fret about disproportionate force and civilian casualties, Wiki has some interesting figures for WW II:
Total deaths 72 million (including 47 million civilians).
Axis deaths 11 million.
Allied deaths 61 million.
(Makes you wonder how we won.)

As for nuclear vs non-nuclear: The non-nuclear raids on Tokyo on March 9 & 10, 1945 killed 100,000. This did not result in surrender.
Nuclear raids on Hiroshima, 70-80,000 deaths (Aug 6) and Nagasaki, 40,000 deaths (Aug 9), a total not much more than Tokyo's, resulted in Japanese surrender in a few days and undoubtedly saved hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides.