Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't hold back, Boy on a Bike

Tell us how you really feel.

I wouldn't mind the bloke if he was a succesful kebab multi-millionaire, handing out his own cash to turn us into an ultra-conservative branch of the Saudi empire, but he's not. He's a bum; a leech; a tick. He takes our money, and then craps on us and wipes his bum on a fistful of welfare provided hundred dollar bills.
His point is well-put; it rings true.


Boy on a bike said...

I was grumpy and in too much of a hurry - forgot to include "carbuncle".

Egg said...

Is it any coincidence that Keysar Trad is an anagram of 'retard yaks'?

Kaboom said...


As the old saying goes:

"If you've been getting older, but not getting grumpier, then you haven't been paying attention!!"

Best wishes for the NY for yourself, Kae and all!

Anonymous said...

Hamas are a group of similar leaches. They actually shoot Katusha rockets at the folk who work in the power station in Israel which supplies them in Gaza with electricity.

Now they appear to have overplayed and are isolated - the press do not report that Egypt is shooting at them from the other side. Let's hope Israel wipes them out.

kae said...

Boy, carbuncle? What a shame. So picturesque.

Egg, hmm. I don't think it's a coincidence at all!

Kaboom, I'm definitely getting grumpier, and less tolerant of a lot of things.

Bruce, Sand Monkeys. Should the power stations be incapacitated I'm sure it would be the fault of the Israelis for not sending them the power... like the sanctions in Iraq, and other places, the blame is laid on those imposing the sanctions, especially when the sanctions should not have harmed the people but the regime, but the regime has turned it around and made sure that they aren't affected. (Usually by dishonesty.)