Sunday, March 1, 2009

ABC Insiders today 1/3/09 9:00am links updated


Lindsay Tanner is the guest.

Fran Kelly - Rudd shouldn't cut public service while telling private enterprise to keep their staff, take the pain and keep their staff as long as possible... (Yeah, right. Send your company to the wall.)

Piers Akerman, Daily Telegraph. Equity of sharing out the donations made for bushfire relief, do those uninsured have a right to a greater share of the money.

Malcolm Farr - hate him already, why should his donated money go to help those who were insured? Fuck off, why should those uninsured be rewarded for not being insured? Insurance? It's OK, if anything goes wrong Red Cross and the Government will bail us out. I DON'T THINK SO!
Andrew Bolt's blogged on the payouts of donated money for fire victims.
Farr is saying that Rudd has sold the GFC really well. (Funny how I recall him talking down the economy for the first six months or so of his prime ministership.)

Joe Hockey.

Lindsay Tanner. Blah blah blah, Telstra, blah blah blah... Barrie paraphrases this as "So, Telstra has a PR problem? They think because they're the biggest they can bully people."
Well, give Lindsay a kewpie doll. Call him Sherlock. Telstra's had a PR problem for years, when they were Telecom they had the problem. It had something to do with being a monopoly which never made/makes mistakes.

The man on the street segment (Your Shout) is a must this week, amusing. About mincers and so on. In Tasmania at a brewery I think! Cascade. No mincers in Tassie.

LOL Parliament... the toxic bore... they take the piss out of Kev'n. Oh, it's good today! I can't find it in Hansard... I'll keep looking.

The ALP has given so much this week fit for ridicule.


Skeeter said...

I would like to have seen more about this gaffe by Mr Rudd:
Mr Rudd smugly suggested that, if the backbencher on the opposite side had experienced being with Australian troops in Afghanistan, as had Mr Rudd, then the said backbencher would know a lot more about the topic.
The backbencher was Stuart Robert, Member for Fadden. He stood and told Mr Rudd that he, like the Prime Minister, had also been with the troops in Afghanistan. But, unlike the Prime Minister, Mr Robert had been wearing the ADF uniform while he was there. (Robert had 12 years service in the Australian Army.)

kae said...

Hi Skeeter
I saw that when the programme was on and I tried to find it in Hansard.
They only showed a tiny piece of the embarrassment...

kae said...

I am looking for it now... it may have been on 27th? I've checked 26th and 25th.

kae said...

Oh, Look!
Here 'tis! page 29. Hansard 24/2/09

"Mr ROBERT—On behalf of the members for Curtin
and Paterson my question is to the Prime Minister.
What action has the Prime Minister personally taken to
fix the appalling SAS pay scandal since he stood in
front of our soldiers in Afghanistan on 22 December
and told them, ‘I’m going to go home and spend
Christmas with my wife and three kids and you’re
not’? What does the Prime Minister say to the wives
and kids of SAS soldiers serving in what he described
as ‘the hellhole of Afghanistan’ whose pay has been
docked and who have incurred debts because of the
scandal his incompetent government refuses to fix?
Mr RUDD—In reference to the honourable member’s
question, if he were to stand as I did, and other
members have, with our forces serving in that environment
and the dangers that they face, then the response—
and the right response—to those brave soldiers
is to say, ‘We are going home to Christmas, to be
with our families, and you are going to be here.’ That is
exactly what I said and the honourable member knows
that. I would suggest that the honourable member seeking
to ‘render’ my remarks in the way in which he has
done reflects on him in a particular way.
Mr Robert—Mr Speaker, I rise on a point of order.
As a former serving officer who has stood overseas in
operations with our soldiers—although I was wearing a
uniform, sir—I ask the Prime Minister to withdraw his
comment as he seeks to make a personal reflection
upon my service in our country’s uniform.
Opposition members interjecting—
The SPEAKER—Order! The Prime Minister has
the call and I ask the Prime Minister to take some recognition
of the comments just made by the member for
Fadden. I say to the House that often there are things
that occur on the run—and this nearly gets me entering
into the answer that the Prime Minister is giving—that
in other circumstances are given different interpretations.
I think that it is fair, whether it was a point of
order or not, that I gave the opportunity for the member
for Fadden to put the point that he has made. I think, if
we leave it at that and get back to the matters that have
been raised with the Prime Minister, it will assist the

I'm gonna post about this.

Skeeter said...

Thanks, Kae. I have commented again on Monday's post on this topic.