Sunday, April 5, 2009

ABC Insiders today 5/4/09

Here's the link.

G20 - should be interesting seeing all the faux pas from the two newbies.

Goodness, it appears that bikie members have infiltrated the lodge... saying they're maintenance workers. They were allowed in and had the run of the place for an hour. Miss Prissy made a comment. Waffle. (I reckon that staff should check the dunny for gladwrap and boot polish for starters...)

Speaking of KRuddwaffle... from Margo's Maid, Kevin's Quot-o-rama.

Brian Toohey (Financial Review) - about Rudd and the Defence Dept.
Lenore Taylor (The Australian) - toxic assets, promises, debt
Glenn Milne (News Limited) - Broadband

Julie Bishop - speaks about what's happened this week. NATO, G20, Military happenings (Fibsgiven, Afghanistan), Obama..., bullying staff (workplace no-no).

Your Shout, good. Most people condemning further debt for future generations to pay off. Kevin's all forgiven for his outburst.

Lenore said accusing Kevin Rudd of being the Ambassador for China (promoting China rather than promoting Australia) was accusing him of being a... a.... well, it's a dreadful thing to do.

So, Lenore, who WAS Kevin Rudd spruiking China more than he was spruiking Australia?
Lenore says it's racist to be concerned about Kevin's connections with the Chinese.


stackja1945 said...

Labor media loves Krudd.

Anonymous said...

G20? Rudd? ABC?

Didn't you see the news:


I just HAD to post that!

The media in Oz are sick.

kae said...


Schapelle Corby is being used by the government to keep relations whith Indonesia sweet?

Perhaps if her revolting family came clean she wouldn't be locked up.

Go away.