Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baz Sour Australia Oscar Grapes

DIRECTOR Baz Luhrmann says a poor opening at the US box office for his epic film Australia probably cost his crew and even himself a coveted Oscar nomination.
Yeah, Baz. Whatever.

Baz went on to say:

"It was ordinary to say the least and it was during the times of nominations so we were out of the Oscars way early."
Too true, Baz. It was ordinary story-wise.

Oh, wait. He was talking about the box office release of Australia.

Stop preaching to us, Baz. Stop changing history. You are like Phillip Noyce and Rabbit Proof Fence, which was passed off as fact. Australia is so full of errors, errors of history and relativism (cultural and moral), and parts of his story would never have happened in the time in which Australia was set.

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Egg said...

Wot, more slurs from Baz Slurman?
Maker of the PC movie that slurs Oz?
Who'd've thunk it?