Thursday, May 21, 2009

ABC Q&A 21/05/09

Tonight's panellists
Penny Wong - Minister for Climate Change and Water
Tony Abbott - Shadow Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Bob Ellis - political writer
Sue Cato - commentator
Wendy Machin - former National Party MP

Bob Ellis. He thinks he's important. Waffling on about spin. Using collateral dead and such as an example.

Snowy brought him back to earth. "What about talking about temporary deficit which will be for six years".

There was also a pointed question to Tony Abbott about what sort of budget the coalition would render, to which he replied, paraphrased "A different one to that given by the ALP, and I can not tell you what that would be because the coalition is not in government and the coalition doesn't have a team working for them to look at costings and so on..."

Rudd never gives a five minute answer, it's impossible. (From Abbott after a suggestion from Ellis I think about Rudd giving a short talk about something... I'll have to look at the transcript.)

Matty Johns' disgrace. Again. Was it a legitimate story? Bob Ellis is a sleaze. Read the transcript for his contemptible comment about the wedding night.

Some stupid woman in the audience said "Perhaps the footballers were intoxicated and so weren't themselves." Stupid, stupid woman.

What on earth was that up the back of the audience with the Bride of Frankenstien hair?

OMG Someone's actually reading this! Now, as I type! G'day! G'day to you both!

Carpe, I just got up to, well, nevermind, and the thought crossed my mind about Bob Ellis.

Are we sure he survived that terrible car accident in The Territory a few years ago? He really does look dead. Ish.

Penny Wong. Why does she talk thru clenched teeth?


Coal exports criticised by Philipina. We're destroying third world, ah, developing countries.

Video question: In Abu Dhabi the first sustainable totally green city is being built. Why can't Australia dosomething like that?

Um, lady, Abu Dhabi has unlimited moolah and plenty of cheap labour to do the job. It will not be self sustaining, it will be supported by the rest of the UAE and their unlimited amount of cash.

Goodness, Bobby smacked down Ms Wrong.

The lady in red needs to read more about fuel economy in non-hybrid cars.

OMG! The audience applauded the comment by Tony Abbott about expensive and futile gestures by the government to mitigate AGW.

Carb'n plushun. Carb'n plushun.

Next week:

William McInnis

Kate Ellis

Brendan Nelson

Peter Holmes a Court.

Alice Pun (?)


Anonymous said...

She IS the bride of Frankenstein!


visess = female sage

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Bob Ellis either drunk, or on a sedative. The collateral damage & civilian dead thing weirds me out.

The spin doctor, why does she stare at Abbott that intently, again, that weirds me out.

Penny Wong, aaaahahahahahahaha, defers an opinion to wobbly bobbly, JHFC what a bobble head doll.


Carpe Jugulum

Anonymous said...

Ooooh oooh a Carrie Pregean moment with wenny Pong.

Politicians allowances - bugger, gonna need a new screen. Just punched a hole in this one.


Carpe Jugulum

Anonymous said...

He really does look dead. Ish

I've seen the film Shaun of the Dead, you do the math.


Carpe Jugulum

Anonymous said...

What is this crap about sending a message to other countries by killing our industries?

As if they'd listen?
Yes like with the tariff cuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, Pennys on the AGW soapbox, lady in black (sounds Canadian), [Greenie]. Man in suit WTF.

Video feed - Holy Cr@p i thought my Grossmutter passed away 5 years ago.

Wenny Pong - keerist i'm going for a whisky


Carpe Jugulum

Anonymous said...

Tony Abbott - "expensive & futile gestures" way to go champ.

I've revised my opinion on Bob Ellis - he is actually a zombie, look at the demeanor, the bags under the eyes. If he stood up and started chanting 'braaiiinns' would you be suprised.I think not.

You should do this as a live feed in line with Morgos Maid's question that won't be asked.


Carpe Jugulum

kae said...

I'd love to, Carpe, but the problem is that sometimes I forget that the programme is on... I nearly forgot it tonight, except someone emailed me!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's so much more fun with more than one taking pot shots at the participants.

Next weeks' should be good.

Hey, Orion, thanks for visiting! I enjoyed your comments/input.

Bob Ellis must be dead. He's got that grey look about him.

Boy on a bike said...

They can't be doing much comment screening these days - mine made it onto the webisite.

1735099 said...

"Are we sure he survived that terrible car accident in The Territory a few years ago? He really does look dead. Ish."
I think you'll find that was Robert Hughes, not Bob Ellis.

kae said...

Thanks 17.

So what's Ellis's excuse?

Mehaul said...

Territory? I thought it was nw western australia. near Broome.

kae said...

Mehaul, it stands to reason, I get the person wrong, I get the location wrong.

What's new for me?

Just call me mooshbrain.

WV: swala
One does not make it spring.

Egg said...

Aunty's still trying to perform CPR on AGW, eh?
Methinks the Wong Penny clenched teeth bit is that she's fashioned herself as the Gummint's prison warder akin to 'vinegar tits' from Prisoner.

Questions & (Answers) Aunty ...

Mehaul said...

Anyone who creates a blog and keeps it going aint mooosshy. Quite the opposite.

Anyway, who cares where Hughes had his ding. Time for Ellis to do the mail run at night with no lights, Broome to Port Headland. Vroom vroom, bye Bob.