Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heaven+Earth book launch Brisbane 19 May 2009

Heaven+Earth Global Warming The Missing Science book launch.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Last night I attended the Brisbane launch of Professor Ian Plimer’s counter to the religious faith of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The evening was well attended with at least 100 people and many books were sold and signed.

Prof Plimer was introduced by Sen Barnaby Joyce who spoke of the impact on Australia of a futile scheme to reduce CO2, which, even if there was such a thing as AGW, would not make any difference to CO2 emissions, but would destroy Australia’s productivity and therefore Australia’s economy.

Professor Plimer spoke of the many people, particularly country people, or people on the land, who know that there’s something wrong with the whole AGW hypothesis. It’s all happened before.

We were treated to a nutshell sized summary of his book, a potted geological and anthropological history of the world.

After his raspy recital (his voice is shot from so many speaking engagements with the success of his book, about which he is not complaining!), Prof Plimer took questions from the floor.

Three particularly moon-batty questions were asked. The first question asked was “What will happen if people continue to pollute after reading his book? Surely any impetus to stop pollution is good”, the implication being that after reading this book people will be encouraged to pollute... Prof Plimer replied that he is anti-pollution and there has been a lot done to stop particulate pollution which has nothing to do with the so-called science of AGW, and he added that CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential for life, plants love it, and without it there would be no plants and no animals and we’d all die.

Moonbat question number two was a complaint that we consume too much and we really shouldn’t consume so much because so much is wasted. What about all the wasted power, etc. And the second law of thermodynamics.... Plimer explained that this doesn’t have anything to do with AGW...

Moonbat question number three was about the amount of other gases released into the atmosphere which would affect climate, the other greenhouse gases, like methane, etc. Again, Prof Plimer explained that the amounts of these gases was negligible (he’d just explained how much CO2 was in the atmosphere and how it had been much, much higher during the last big ice age!), and he explained that the main GHG is water vapour and that can change the climate, but it’s clouds that do it.

It was a very interesting evening, Prof Plimer is an entertaining speaker.

Blairspawn attending were Bikko, Pickles, Lotocoti and RodF (who I gave a lift home and promptly got temporarily misplaced, popped out at Kenmore of all places!). It seemed to some that there would be a contingent of hecklers, a few arrived with piles of papers. I think the numbers may have intimidated them.

Prof Plimer said he’d be signing books in NZ, approximately 25,000, then he’s off to the US to sign approximately 100,000. He is delighted with the success of the book and hopes that it gives more people the push to stand up and be counted in their doubt of the AGW scam.

Prof Plimer has been approached to produce a reduced sized book for distribution to schools to also counter the propaganda which has been spread there. I would donate some to the local school if this project went ahead.

I eagerly await the grudge match between Ian Plimer and Flim Flannery; Ian Plimer and Ross Garnaut; Ian Plimer and, well, any AGW acolyte would be excellent.


kc said...

Thanks, Kae - I look forward to reading it, and will see him if he's in this area.

Funny thing - stuff others take for granted has to do with AGW or "pollution" really doesn't, if you look at the FACTS of the situation.

Skeeter said...

Well done Kae, especially when you consider the weather you had to negotiate. I have been holed up at home in front of a log-fire hoping for some warming to occur.
Barnaby Joyce is making a lot of sense lately and I am writing to my Federal MP (Lib) suggesting he listen to what his colleague Joyce is saying. If we can get a few more Coalition anti-warmerers to come out of the closet, they might even win the election next year.

Wand said...

Nice review Kae. I received my copy of Plimer's book a few days ago. It's quite refreshing.

Mehaul said...

Well done Kae. Skeeter, I wrote to my Fed Lib sitting Ciobo and he gave me the Hunt, Turnbull perched on the fence waiting to see where the future winds blow position. I indicated my disappointment with his less than sensible, chicken like perspective.