Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something to chew on - ABC World Today 22/5/09

Government faces two-pronged attack on emissions trading
The Government is fighting criticisms of its emissions trading scheme on two fronts. It's playing down warnings from the mining industry that thousands of jobs will be lost when the scheme comes in, and is also facing criticism that it's trying to stifle debate in the Senate.

Green groups say more action, less talk needed on environment
Green groups say they're tired of the slow pace of reform on issues ranging from container deposit legislation to a ban on plastic bags and what to do with electronic waste. They're placing pressure on state and territory ministers ahead of a meeting in Hobart today.

BHP Billiton seeks to build first uranium mine in WA
BHP Billiton has sought environmental approval to construct the first uranium mine in Western Australia. The federal and state governments say they support the move, but it's opposed by environmental groups.

Compulsory welfare quarantining under pressure
The Federal Government is considering ending compulsory income quarantining for residents of Northern Territory Aboriginal communities. The measure to put aside 50 per cent of welfare payments for basics such as food was introduced as part of the federal intervention.

Mixed messages after fluoride overdose leaves residents sick
Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's credibility is decaying after a fluoride overdose in Brisbane's water supplies. Ms Bligh didn't announce the mistake until two weeks after it happened, and when she did, the wrong information was provided to the public.

New cases spark rethink on swine flu response
Australian health authorities are meeting today to consider whether their official response to swine flu should move from trying to delay the spread of the H1N1 virus, to trying to contain it. They admit they've been unable to determine the source of the latest cases that have emerged.


Mehaul said...

What's that silence surrounding Bligh's flouride hiccup...listen......oh it's the opposition saying nothing and doing even less. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Hi kae,
did you watch that movie on Ch9 last night? (The Lakehouse)
I haven't watched a movie for yonks, I thought it was OK.


TW: inested? not really

kae said...

Mehaul, I did hear the opposition leader talking about the overdose on ABC local on Friday. They didn't have much of what he said. I think I thought it was a bit insipid.
The continual apologies and "it will never happen agains" from Beattie and now Bligh are really hollow... such a shame that the electors didn't give that much thought before letting the ALP keep hold of the reins.

Hi. No I missed the movie, I had seen it before. A sweet romance... out of time. I can't remember the movie much... just that they exchanged letters and lived a couple of years apart. Have you seen "Frequency"? Have you seen "The Notebook"? Frequency was a similar out-of-time type movie and The Notebook was a weepy.
A favourite movie of mine was "Love Actually", and I love "Keeping Mum" and "Saving Grace", both comedies.
I really must have a think about movies I've seen and loved and write something in my bio!