Saturday, May 23, 2009

A few things... and Bloodnut turns One tomorrow!

New job. New stuff to learn. I've gone from a school with timetabling for one undergrad Degree Program and only a few specialisations, to a school with several Programs, several specialisations, several pre-degree programs, and classes which need to be taught so as not to clash with classes in other Degree Programs in other schools. I saw how it was done... I'm not sure I can remember exactly how to do it (pretty rich, I advised the person I'm replacing for 10 months how to do timetabling when she first took over the role about 5 years ago!) This school has about 15 academics which need to be fitted into the timetable without clashing with their other commitments, the old school had about 40 academics!

There's so much I see that I want to talk about, and canvas opinion on, but I just don't have time at the moment. I also have a lot to do here at home. I still haven't got the electronic fence up to keep Floyd in the dogyard. I think the best approach for me to do that is to get some string and measure the distance I need the wire to go and then join the wires if I need to (and I may need to), I've been putting it off.... Everytime he is let off/escapes (he slipped his harness the other day when we were walking, thank God we were in the yard!), he will NOT stay still long enough with the Halti (pdf) on to allow me to connect it to his collar and lead, he just pushes it off, hates it over his muzzle. Just hunted for info on the Halti, and found the linked pdf above... it gives you instructions how to get the Halti on. Floyd kows about walking, he knows how the harness goes on and will jump up, place his front paws on the harness and pull it down, lying on the ground so that I can slip it up over his front legs... though he's a bit impatient, he got the knack of it very quickly - no rewards, just praise - and he got the knack very quickly, less than three days. I'll have to do a bit of work on the Halti!

And the rain is back, and it's windy.

Purchased a new cordless phone with a base, two chargers and three handsets over two weeks ago. I have yet to set it up. I haven't got around to it yet. The purchase was made because I can't hear the ring of the old phone sometimes, even when I am in the next room, and sometimes it's really difficult for me to hear the caller (I dislike using my mobile for that same reason, need to get some earphones!). I'm deaf-initely going deaf!

There's a meat ants' nest down the back that I must poison (when/if it ever stops raining), they keep coming up and getting into the bones that the dogs have hidden. The ex had a big thing about ants, and ant nests, he used to poison them all the time and we never had a problem with ants. Now I've got little black house ants up the wazoo, those big red meat ants outside and the nasty, bitey, stingy, dark green bastards all over the place.

Oops, started this in the morning and was sidetracked. There's a new blog coming, a combined effort. You'll read about it here later.... Nilk's setting it up.

And what's a post without a picture of Floyd?


Or two?
floyd finished rolling


Skeeter said...

I know Floyd looks adorable, but to me that pooch has "trouble" written all over his face.
It sounds like you are doing all the right things and will win in the end.

mojo said...

Border Collie? Smart critters, that's why they're troublemakers.

blogstrop said...

We had a German Shepherd who hated the Halti so much she did a Great Escape. After systematically (over many days) rubbing away at it on the paving, one day she just did a somersault and snapped the thing!