Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bloodnut is one today!

Bloodnut is One!


Well, I've been at it for a year now. Time flies.
Now that I've changed jobs I should have a bit more time to write on the blog, if I can just catch up with the around the house/yard stuff I have to do.
I'd like to say thanks to the commenters and lurkers, and ask that the lurkers comment, it's much more encouraging to know that someone's out there and willing to comment (if you have a gmail account you can use that to log in and ID yourself)...
The first post.... Best personal post.... Well, that's what I think, anyway.


Wand said...

Hi Kae,

Well done with your exceptional blog now one year old.

Happy Birthday and all the best for the next year.



kc said...

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've enjoyed it since the beginning! REDHEADS RULE!

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Congratulations, Kae, and best wishes for many more years of blogging.

Paco said...

Happy anniversary, kae! Ok, everybody...a-one and a-two...For she's a jolly good fellow...

Skeeter said...

Well done Kae.
Your blog is still the first I come to on my bookmarks toolbar. Some days it's as far as I get, although I do try and visit all the Blairspawn.
(Sorry, Paco, you are second on my daily rounds. It's important that we support local industry).
Congratulations, Kae, on your wonderful achievement.

Margo's Maid said...

Good on you kae. Congrats on a great year.

RebeccaH said...

Happy Blogaversary, kae! Where's the drinks?

Boy on a bike said...

Where's the cake?

Egg said...

Gingernut cookies and sweetened cream log, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kae, your effort is greatly appreciated.


Paco said...

Quite understandable, Skeeter. Besides, I understand that Rudd has implemented a tariff on American blogs.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Sumerian mead for all !!!!

bruce said...

Have a Happy One, Kae.

Now it's Terrible Twos, eh?

tw: 'egallie' !

blogstrop said...

Well done Kae! Lasting a year is a very good start indeed. My only complaint is that the picture of you, as a lovely rehead, in shorts, on a bike, is too small!

Mikael said...

Congrats Kae,

I'll bring the hot chocolate and strawberry-cake to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I bin a luker for a while...

kae said...

Hi Cav (will reply to others later)
Thanks for lurking, hope it's interesting!
You and your mates might be able to help with a project that Boy on a Bike and Nilk and me have in the pipeline... I didn't see a contact email just looking quickly at your blog. mine is on the blog, a gmail one.

Boy on a bike said...

Can you imagine what this thing will be like as a teenager?

Mehaul said...

Top of the day. I dips me lid.

kae said...

Thanks for your well wishes and kind words everyone.

Thanks, Wand.
I’ve got my copy of Heaven+Earth and I’m reading it. It’s good. Plimer’s entertaining.

Hi kc
Thanks for the well wishes, it’s funny how redheads are draw to other redheads.

Mild Colonial Boy,
Thanks for that, how long has your blog been going?

Oh Paco,
I’m honoured!

Thanks Skeeter,
I try hard... er...

Gee! Thanks so much for that. Again, I’m honoured.

Hi RebeccaH
Depends on what you want to drink.

Boy on a Bike
Cake? You’ll need to ride more if you have cake... anyway, the electronic cake on the page will have to do!

Thanks, that’s an appropriate type of repast for a Ginge’s birthday, huh!

I like the liveblogging, it’s fun. Can we do it again? Meetcha Thursday in front of the telly at Q&A time! (And Sunday, 9am for Indisders, too.)

Mead! Now you’re talkin.... But who has the keys to the tardis, and while I’m at it, where IS the tardis?

Yay, Blogstrop.
That picture is about the right size, I’ve appreciated somewhat since then...

Hello Mikael
Thanks for the food gifts... they’ll be hungry later.

Keep an eye out for that new blog... I will mention it when it’s born... it’s embryonic at the moment.

A teen? I’m scared now, thanks. At least it’s female, if it was a boy it could spell the end....

G’day Mehaul
Thanks for that, my friend.

thefrollickingmole said...

Oops i missed the party, oh well Ill wander off and get a couple of stale cake pieces......

Congrats on your first year anyway!

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...


To answer your question in more detail than you probably wanted -
my Journal has been going, off and on, since March 2006. In that time it's gone from to and it's name has changed from "Kicking against the Pricks" to "The Sectarian Strand" then back to "Kicking against the Pricks" then finally to "The Boy's Own Paper".

Mr. Bingley said...

Happy Burfday! And many more!

missred said...

damn, i could have sworn i wished you happy birthday! well better late, etc.
now that you got the hang of this, i expect more and more better! *giggle*

Anonymous said...

Late to the party (been getting my screwed up internet connection fixed.
Nevertheless, congratulations kae, and many more years of happy blogging.

Any cake left?


lyle said...

Happy Anniversary, Kae!

Abducted by Martians,
I snuck out today,
But missed your big party,
So sorry to say.

No time for a cupcake,
I wish I could stay,
But hunters in spaceships
Are headed this way.

Before they can get me
I just want to say,
Three cheers for the bloodnut,
The redheaded kae!

kae said...

Thanks Lyle, that's lovely.
I'll treasure it, as I treasure all your writings.
You been busy?
How's the book going, it's been a year hasn't it?
I'm still waiting to hear whether I can let my friend read it to his kids!