Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh My Goodness! Update

Just heard the news preview.

Channel 9 - following the shooting of a business man in Brisbane during the week a "person of interest" was found standing beside his car with a weapon outside a local Valley cop shop, where he shot himself dead.

POLICE are investigating whether a man found shot dead outside a police station is linked to a fatal shooting in inner-city Brisbane which occurred yesterday.

At about 8pm last night police were following a vehicle of interest through Laidley, a town west of Brisbane, before losing sight of it.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said two officers then arrived at the Spicers St station to find the man next to the car with a firearm, before he took his life.
More here.

Good grief. Now I've heard everything. Because the man killed himself outside the police station the death is being treated as a death in cutody. He wasn't under arrest. This is how you skew statistics.

Oh, and there's one less paedophile thieving oxygen tonight. Robert "Dolly" Dunne died in prison . My friend was working at the prison when Dunne was brought it (she was also there when the a prisoner escaped from Silverwater Prison in a helicopter!).

More on the murder/suicide, as Egg mentioned in comments, it appears to have been a custody/divorce issue, the murderer is believed to be the victim's brother-in-law.

Mr Foot was killed with a single shot to the face from a high-powered rifle.

Police believe his assassin was a former brother-in-law, who later committed suicide outside a police station in Laidley, west of Ipswich.

Friends say the tragic murder-suicide was motivated by a bitter custody battle with Mr Foot's ex-wife, Amanda Hoolahan, for the couple's 18-month-old son.

Mr Foot and Ms Hoolahan, who was his second wife, were married only briefly. Mr Foot also had two daughters, aged 14 and 18, from his previous marriage.

Those poor kids.


Anonymous said...

(she was also there when the prisoner escaped in a helicopter!).

Is that a hint of her having been involved, or am I having a way too vivid imagination?

kae said...

Too vivid.

The girlfriend of the prisoner hijacked the helicopter and took the inmate away. The office staff were aware something was going on, but not what. I think there were gunshots, the office staff were advised to stay inside.

The helicopter pilot was held as an accomplice and I think he had to go to court and defend himself. He was held at gunpoint by the girlfriend of the prisoner.

Lucy Dudko

Anonymous said...

yes, I seem to remember now, happened in the late seventies or early eighties?

Egg said...

ABC RN News last night reported that the city victim was part of a (child) custody dispute which may have triggered the regrettable incident.

Anonymous said...

"Death in custody" stats are just as rubbery as "alcohol related" as used in road death stats. One drunk or near drunk person involved in the crash, even a back seat passenger, and up go the "alcohol related" crash figures.

We had a case here a year or so ago where WA police chased a vehicle stolen by a mob of kids. The chase stopped when the vehicle crossed the NT border. It crashed a couple of Ks further on killing three or four, out of sight of the WA police, but still counted as "deaths in custody" because police were "involved".