Sunday, September 27, 2009

Insiders - Tim Blair

I'm sure I saw him at the start.

(Rotten link was slow and couldn't post.)

Why is it only obvious to a few that KRudd is not what he sets out to appear to be?

Yup, it's Tim.

Shoulda known that he'd be in Melbourne for the Grand Final... and Insiders. Nicely orchestrated, Timbo!

Joe Hockey shoots down the PM... not hard to do, he's a low-flying duck.

Gee, what did the world do before Kevin Rudd came along? He's organised the G20 as a plank in the new world governance... should that be capitalised? New World Governance.

Is Kevin planning world domination?

An early point in the program was the treatment of widows and families of military service personnel, Breeanna Till, pregnant with their third child, was widowed when her husband was killed in Afghanistan six months ago, is finding it difficult with her income reduced to the equivalent of the unemployment benefit.

Your Shout
LOLZ, the old bloke talking about Rudd being built up by Clinton who said that Kev was the most intelligent, well read leader... blah blah blah. The old bloke said "That says a lot about Clinton".

Tim's comments at the start about the headlines were highly amusing, as usual. But he's been pretty quiet today... oh wait, he's talking now.

During the week, the Penny Wong letter... read like Kevin Rudd.

Turnbull's interview during the week on Lateline with Leigh Sales.

"The biggest flaw with the Libs' ETS is that they have one." Nice, Tim!

George Meg said that usually a PM will set what he wants his legacy to be within the first 18 months of PM ship. Rudd has not really outlined anything, except perhaps paving the way for after he's PM - and the panel pointed out that controlling the climate and world financial system is probably what he wants to leave as his legacy.

I guess Bill Clinton couldn't say "Yeah, Kevvie's smart, but he's boring as batshit*."

*excruciating description of George Washington's strategy for war...

Talking Pictures.
Rubbishing Kevin, not hard to do, he provides a wealth of material.

Politicians remuneration.

Barney Joyce suggested that the PM should be paid $1M/pa, but he got a rubbishing about it.

I doubt we'd get a better Kevin Rudd for $650k more than what we're paying him now.

John Key on Letterman. He did well, scored points on all fronts.

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