Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cyberstalking (to kill time)


A friend was home from work sick, and bored. They decided to have a bit of a look around Facebook. I was on the phone with the friend and while I was on the phone my friend asked me a few questions. Friend asked:

Where did the ex go to school?
Which year would he have left school?
How old is the ex?
Do you think he would have remarried?

The last question made me blurt out:

"Oh good Lord, I hope not!" Then I thought better of the retort, so I explained (although with my friend no explanation would be necessary).

"I didn't mean it that way, I just hoped he wouldn't be making someone else miserable... I hope he's changed."

Well, he has remarried. I hope he's happy and he has a changed attitude*. He works thirty minutes away, and I could have bumped into him on shopping trips if he lives near where he works.

Finding out that he has remarried has been a bit of a slap in the face. I joined a couple of net "meeting" sites - and that's a whole other blog post**! It's a slap because I'm still single. Maybe it's because I've become fussy. OK, too fussy. And besides, most of the time I feel very unattractive*** and not too bright**** - and there's no opportunities here "in the sticks" to meet anyone, either.

*I have a hard copy of an email he sent me after he'd left. I'd asked him a question and he replied with the information I needed. I'd also mentioned that I was going to the football in Brisbane (NRL match between Broncos and Bulldogs) with a friend. He said he hoped I'd have a good time and that he realised that football was one of the many things I'd given up when I took up with him.

Perhaps he's changed.

**Yeah, but not now. Maybe one day.

*** I think I just miss my youth... and

****especially in a new job I'm sort-of learning, and being hammered in!

(Oh gosh, I think I'm in lust! He's a bit young, but I can dream!)

That's enough blargle from me. Cooking roast pork, must put some vegies on. And find the apple sauce.


prairiecat55kc said...

Not cyber-stalking per se, but I read the obits in 3 of my home state online newspapers. The mother of the first man who asked me to marry him, when I was a senior in high school, died last week. If I read the obit correctly, he's neither married nor had children since that time. He was 9 years older than me...I was mean as only a teenage girl can be mean when I broke up with him...hope he is well.

Merilyn said...

Roast Pork and apple sauce, very nice, hope you had some sweet potato with it.
Kae don't put yourself down, you strike me as a very strong and fair minded person and you have a lot of riches in your life, with your home and two beautiful dogs, if someone comes along then enjoy that too.

Mehaul said...

.....I read the last of Merilyn's comments .....'if someone comes along then enjoy them too'...does that mean with apple sauce and sweet potato Merilyn.

Merilyn said...

Well, whatever turns you on!

kae said...

Hi. The first serious boyfriend I had, at the end of school and the beginning of work 4 years and 4 months worth, has never married. I know that he still had strong feelings for me up until a few years ago. He blew it. I've moved on and grown up, he seems to still be very much the same person he was at 19 when I met him.

The roast was delish, cheap too. Reduced from $21 to $7 - been in the freezer for a while I'm doing a clean out. I'll be eating leftover roast pork for a couple of nights I think! And if someone comes along I'll probably faint dead away!

No, I don't think I'll enjoy him with apple sauce. I'll have to think of something else to do with him...

kae said...

Oh, and the roast was with pumpkin (a very sweet locally grown kent which cost me $2 ), potatoes and steam fresh peas, corn, beans & broccoli. Applesauce and gravy.


Wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

I'm an old bloke now, ship load older than you.
I see you photos, a cute red head on a push bike with her arse up,cute also. Strange, but when I was I young I did'nt have a girl friend that was'nt a red head. Stranger still later in life I became a blonde magnet, and could hardly enjoy an outing without being accosted by one. Some strange stories I could tell.
However this is not about me this is about you and the feminine condition.

Women of intellect with charm and beauty are always only limited by their feelings of inadequacy when it comes to the opposite sex. Positive, can do, attitude and a feeling of I am a sexy good looking woman,
shows up on your countenance. This will attract men like flies, then you can choose. Men love confident women. They do not like pushy. They like motherly.
Most men do not know what they want, they are more confused than you are. Most are frightened and you have to calm their fears. Straight talking works, with men, Tell them your needs, your wants and your fears even the intimate stuff. They will respect and respond, for most will tell you nothing before your input.

From a long life time of observation, from an old retrobate these things are true. It is easy to find some one to live with, bloody hard to find some one to respect and love. Red heads are are a challenge to most men. The subliminal traffic light' STOP,' I have found them, in my life to be a delight.
Best of luck Kae.