Sunday, August 22, 2010

Australian Election Coverage

I watched Channel 9's coverage. The line-up was

Christine Wallace - some lefty woman who writes books and who's married to someone with political, lefty connections.
Peter Costello - ex Treasurer of Australia under John Howard.
Nicola Roxon - ALP Health Minister and nasty pastie.
Karl Stefanovic - closet RWDB and AGW non-believer
Lisa Wilkinson - married to Fitzy... need I say more?
Laurie Oakes - hmm, interesting take since the election... respects Tony Abbott and says he'll make a good PM if he can curb his ego and outbursts
Michael Kroger - Vic Liberal power broker (and I take back what I said about the years not being kind to him... he's not bad)
Mark Arbib - ALP Senator
Barnaby Joyce - BCommerce (Armidale), accountant (oops, fixed the error there)

This was just too good to miss... Swan pwned by Kroger... But this isn't all of it!

Oh, wait... here's the full ten minutes. Please, do watch!

Swan dribbles on, then Lisa askes about what kind of retrospection this election swing will bring on. Then Karl Stefanovic has a go about the swing. Then Kroger, then Wayne Swan calls Michael Kroger a "raving lunatic"... goodness! Then Barnaby reiterates what Kroger says when Kroger finishes. Nicola butts in and defends Swan by saying that they've had a long night and she's had to put up with much more. Poor dear.

After this Christine Wallace, ever after known as the "woman-troll on the left", said they were all rude to have a go at Swan.

Then Oakes asks a curly question about speaking with Julia and how she feels about the election result... and Swan's got static and noise so he can't hear. And he's proud of this government's record.

Nothing to be proud of there! And Costello shakes his head... and Barnaby says he's taken "us to hell in a handbasket".

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Merilyn said...

Love watching that, it was great to see Wayne Swan, not getting away with the rubbish he was sprouting.
After the way his wife and daughter behaved [snatching how to vote cards off the volunteers] perhaps it was karma.
Missed it on the night, saw that other lady, though, she was saying when we saw her, "I just can't see any swing against Labor". All you could do was shake your head.