Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hilarious posts at Tim Blair's


Cold War scholars may be reminded of a mood that prevailed in the early 1960s, although the US and the USSR were never quite this hostile. Reporters following developments essentially found themselves in a siege situation:
Before leaving Melbourne, journalists were bused to an airport hangar only to see Ms Gillard’s commonwealth car drive past.

They were then taken by bus to a different airfield location to board a separate flight to Brisbane.

After landing, the photographer and video cameraman allowed to attend the meeting left in a media vehicle accompanied by a Gillard staffer.

They were told they would later change vehicles to a taxi.
Is this before or after the blindfolds?
The remaining media were bundled on to a bus to be taken to an undisclosed location, where …
… they were shot and dumped in a pit. Well, it wouldn’t exactly be a surprise. They knew too much. About the meeting! All of this was mere prelude to the meeting itself:
and the final post as at 8:44 PM

POPCORN TIME (a round up of many comments about the unfolding ALP circus)


Skeeter said...

I have yet to see any evidence that Gillard has asked Rudd to join her in the campaign.
It's more like Rudd has told Gillard that he is going to join her in the campaign, whether she likes it or not.
Gillard and her minders could hardly refuse to have him on board.
That is, of course, if Rudd is still a member of the ALP.
We are yet to see the ALP logo on Rudd's campaign signage.
Could he be intending to be Australia's first independent PM?
(Hope I haven't blown your cover, Kevie.)

Wand said...

Skeeter, I think one classic line from Gillard after that meeting was, "Kevin and I, to maximise spread, will be campaigning in different places."

Yeah - sure. LOL.

Merilyn said...

......and still you hear people saying, "but Abbott wears a red bathing costume," sheesh.
Meanwhile, we have the greatest farce of all time happening, the Rudd/Gillard show.
Note also, how the media, will latch onto anything that Abbott says so they can take offence.