Sunday, August 8, 2010

Insiders 8/8/10

First up, the farce that was the ALP campaign starring Gillard, Rudd and Latham yesterday...

Gillard is live from Darwin in a few minutes - should be interesting!

Kerry Ann Walsh
Fran Kelly
George Megalogenis

Poor Gillard being monstered by Latham - what?

Senior reporters not on the campaign trail so that they can give more balanced reporting.. WTF?

Gillard guest...

I'm for this, this and this
And Abbott's going to cut everything...

Yeah, cracked record.

More about Kevin's passion (and hers) for Australia. They're working together. More repeating of the mantra, and, as Kevin said, "We can't let Abbott slide into..."
Touched on the GFC and how the Rudd government saved Australia.
Orgill and the BER rort investigation - Julia says it's all ok. Waving hands around and arm in the air. Flapper, that should be her name.

Sara Hanson-Young - why does this oxygen theif get air time?

No doesn't mean no... is this expression now copyright forever to the anti-rape mob? What else can't we say? Perhaps it would be different if Abbott's opponent was a man, noone would have thought anything of the use of "no means no".

Talking pictures...
Those dickheads are so busy laughing at their t'riffic humour it's really annoying, especially when they're laughing at Tony Abbott.

Chris Uhlmann speaks of yesterday's ALP debacle of an election campaign.

This is clever from Potemkin Villager at Bolt's tips thread today.

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