Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I cacked myself....

Watching Jeremy and his mates on Top Gear tonight.

A double episode, not programmmed on my tv guide.

First was the motor home one.

Second was the African trip.

Still pissing myself.


Richard Sharpe said...

I love the African one! The funniestg bit is when Hammond's car is sinking.

I nearly died laughing watching Four Corners last night. Julia Gillard should never utter the words "Look at me".

kae said...

I had to tape some of it while I had a shower... couldn't go in the first bit, it was too funny, then there was a second, unprogrammed ep... I had to tape it.

I taped 4 Corners and Q&A last night. I'll watch it later in the week.

I'll let you know about the cack-factor.

Tee hee.

kae said...

Hammond on the radio
"I think I'll need the shotgun."

And the part that made me laugh was, OMG. Almost all of it. Worth a second watch to laugh again.

They're idiots and I love them for it.

Oh, funny. The campers - surfing on some Cornish beach - and the wind, and the wetsuits, and the fire.... hilarious.

Skeeter said...

Loved the theme from Grand Designs being played when Jeremy's tower appeared.
The Brits are obviously still enjoying some of the old freedoms.
Can you imagine those Cornwall beach and cliff scenes ever being shot in Australia?
Our Green masters would never allow it.