Sunday, August 15, 2010

Old Movies

Have seen a few old movies lately... Fire Down Below yesterday.

Today by accident I've just found The Hawaiians... supposedly a boat load of Chinese (forced labour? slaves? not familiar with the story).

Anyhoo, one of the actors is definitely Japanese.

I guess they all look the same.

Must go!

Hi Stacks. My download speed is the slowest broadband you can get, so movies and even some youtube and television things are a pain to watch - it's OK if I can download them first and then watch them, but usually I can't. And I want to watch snippets of news f-a-s-t!
I'm watch 9 now, The First Travelling Saleslady, and there's Ginger Rogers, Carol Channing and a very, very young Clint Eastwood.


stackja1945 said...

If you have a good download speed and allowance look at

Anonymous said...

Good add-ons for firefox
will record any sound coming out of the computer speaker youtube or other
Installs toolbar but just hide it if not wanted
will record youtube videos for later viewing.
Installs a small icon next to "home" icon.

Just trying to help!
Enjoy if like, delete if not.

Anonymous said...

Shouda said "FREEE"

Patrick Carroll said...

Don't worry, before you know it GILLARD's mob will be knocking on your door to install internet cabling in your home Kae...Whether you want it or not.