Sunday, August 15, 2010

Insiders 15/8/10

Analysing the polls.

Brian Toohey
Karen Middleton
Malcolm Farr

They had some vision and grabs of Gillard and others banging the drum that Tony Abbott doesn't know anything about broadband, they've really given that a good showing, and then not terribly much about the Coalition's rebuttal - Why doesn't Gillard and her gang get the same treatment as the coalition? The questions asked regarding transmitters and poles etc. by Red Kerry of Tony Abbott are just ridiculous. How would he know?

Tony Abbott guest in the studio today...
Barrie's hammering the "Why don't you have another debate?" angle.
Abbott replied that debate isn't really what the public needs to make them aware of what the parties stand for. It would be better to have a town-hall type event like the one at Rooty Hill RSL, which Abbott says could have been more widely fed.

Interesting program today.

Plibersik likened the NBN to the supply of electricity. Well, most of us can't do without electricity now and many of us have it, broadband isn't necessary for all of us to have.
And by the way, Tanya, there are still people who use kero fridges and gas lights where putting on the power is too costly for them. How about you sort them out with taxpayer funded largesse?

Talking pictures... yawn.

Surfing lessons for the refugee organised by Getstuffed, it still hasn't been collected.

OOh, a busload of people journalists doing the YMCA hand movements, obviously channelling Gillard... That was funny.

Here you are, Barnaby Joyce (Nats) v Christine Milne (Greens)

Now I must fly to the chemist, ran out of blood pressure tablets last night.

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Patrick Carroll said...

I thought ABBOTT handled himself extremely well.