Sunday, October 24, 2010

Insiders 24/10/10

Communcations minister looks to have had the same hand waving classes as Julia Gillard.

It's distracting.

Aside from the fact that what he's saying is spin, spin, spin.


Merilyn said...

You really have to wonder why the Labor government don't want any inquiry into the dealings of the NBN.
When you read articles like "Telcos promised $300 reward for each customer lured to the NBN". [The Australian 25/10/2010], or "NBN cost-benefit analysis a waste of time and money: Stephen Conroy" [The Australian 24/10/2010].
For some odd reason this government doesn't seem to think it has to answer to the people.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

This generation of fibre optic cable will be obsolete well before it is all buried. Speed will be limited in the cable by saturation. New generation cable is sorely needed as new devices become more capable of huge data transmission. This is not a white elephant in the making, it is more like a pink hallucenagenic black hole elephant. It would seem from a person living in the real world that this mob listen to no one, they seem hell bent on seeming to be doing some-thing useful, to fool the gullible. But it's our money Ralph. Spending other peoples money to aggrandise ones-self seems to be the new fashion of the left in Australia.
Thus the push for the extraction of more government income from the gullible via carbon taxes as the kitty runs dry. Spin is for the believers and waverers, for the sane and thinking it is lies pure and simple. Real worth while enterprise only needs truth, lies and spin are for carpet baggers, used car salesmen and lawyers. Thus this mob are carpet baggers of the worst order.
Total wankers.