Saturday, January 8, 2011

The bastards have paid off Habib, serial pest

and supposed victim of tormentuous torturation (or something like that).
Ms Gillard says the Government reached a settlement to avoid further litigation.

"I think Australians understand this is a matter of long standing," she said.

"It did not start under the current Government - it started a number of years ago - but it was in the interests of taxpayers to settle it and that has been done."
Gillard says it is in taxpayers' interests.

I can not explain how angry I am about this.

To read more articles about this google mamdouh habib and click news.

Just a reminder of the character of Habib:

He was refused an Australian passport in November, is he an Australian citizen?


Merilyn said...

Would have preferred to have seen his case taken to Court.
Piers was taken to Court by him, over articles he wrote in the Telegraph, and Piers won.

kae said...

Unfortunately, Merilyn, he took it back to court earlier this year and won!

Warning: image on linky site.

Merilyn said...

Ah I didn't read about that Kae, drat and double drat!!!