Sunday, January 9, 2011


Oh, look! It's after 9am and the rains have started. Again.

Every day, when it doesn't rain all day, it begins to rain in the morning and continues.

And noone had the foresight* to build any dams during the big dry.

Checked the rain gauge this morning. About 25mm. I checked it thisafternoon, 63mm. I don't know what it is now... might look... Okay, I looked Seventy milimetres, and raining steadily. The eggs I photographed the other day have hatched, but the tiny tadpoles seem to have been washed away. The big ones on the other side of the driveway have been thriving on dry dogfood, and are growing back legs.

*or gumption, or both


Gregoryno6 said...

Dams? Dams? They'll only be expensive skateboard rinks once Tim Flannery gets his global warming wish.
It will happen yet!

1735099 said...

I recall both Barnaby Joyce and the LNP campaigning strongly against Traveston. Some people have short and selective memories.

kae said...

LNP = Opposition*

When they are in government I'll criticise them.

My beef is with the ALP.

I'm sure that the LNP would do something about building dams if the idiot greens could be knocked down. They also have to hold government.

*Barnaby was against the Traveston Dam becuase it was supposedly in the wrong place, a shallow dam. However, as we've had flood warnings for the Mary River every day, all day, for the past five days, and also in the weeks prior to that, I'd imagine that the Traveston Dam would have easily been nice and full by now.
And jlc, a commenter at Blairs' site, is a dam engineer and he said that Traveston was a suitable site for a dam.

No one mentioned Barnaby. Your hero Kevin Rudd and his boss, Goss, knocked the Wolfdene Dam on the head years ago and that dam site was supported by many.