Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frog hollow

I have it here!
The frogs have been having orgies here, it's so wet and there are so many puddles. I notice today that the frogs have laid eggs on the east side of the driveway, they've already put tadpoles in the puddles on the west side of the driveway.
Today I notice two types of egg clusters. I wonder what sort of frogs they are?
I've checked the tadpoles I already have and they are not cane toads so all's well.

The front yard is a bog (top photo). I need to get someone with a dingo to scrape it out. Over the years the dirt has washed off the bedrock sandstone at the front and shifted to fill in the drainage area at the front of the house. It's so boggy I can't walk on it.


Merilyn said...

Do you have a pond? If so pop the eggs in there. That way you can see if they are good eggs, [Green Tree Frog] or Cane Toad [bad eggs].
Gosh get a load of that water lying there, lucky girl. The water here soaks in quickly due to the earth being so dry for most of the time.

kae said...

No pond. Just little puddles in the front yard!

I emptied the rain gauge yesterday and there was 63mm in it and this morning there's another 25mm.

The ground is too wet to mow, but I should be out spraying all the grass that needs to be killed and is too long to mow, but it's threatening to rain/storm. I should have sprayed at 6:30 when I woke up, but it looked like rain then, too.