Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Floyd the Wonder Dog

They needed heartworm tablets, the furry kidz, so I bought some different ones - the produce store only had the enormous ones for dogs between 40 something and 68kg. The bloke said "Cut it in half, it means it will last two dogs six months, not like the ones for the dogs' size. It's a big saving!"

I agreed.

I gave Meggie her half tablet the other day. Just put it in with her normal dry dogfood, which she hoovers up, and it was gone!

Floyd was a different approach. I've never shoved a tablet down his throat, I've disguised it in a chunk of meat. But this was a bit big (about the size of half a man's thumbnail, and almost a quarter of an inch thick!).

How to give Floyd his tablet...?

Ahhh! I know. Blobbed it into the dripping pan. He had a bit of a sniff and a lick. Then he took it (he's very, very gentle), bit it - it must be bitter. He swallowed the tiny third he broke off, and kinda dropped the rest out of his mouth. I picked it up, and he tried to get it. I was encouraging him to take it with sweet words. He took it and crunched again. Another third swallowed.

Then it popped out of his mouth and fell on the ground, in some dust and fur. I picked it up and told him he really needed to swallow it. I had a bit of fat on my finger, just a tiny bit and thought I'd put that on it, but he took it and swallowed it.
He's an amazing fellow. I love him to bits!

He's learnt "Paw!" to present his paw, for shaking, and he gets a reward.

Problem is that when he sees you with the treats he will go through all the motions of the things he's done  before to get a treat. He'll start with sit and present "Paw!", when that doesn't work he will lay down, then sit up again. Always anticipating what he is required to do to get the treat.

He's so clever, he's got ME trained!

Oh, and Mum's having diverticulitis surgery this month and I'm going to Sydney to look after her when she gets out of hospital. That's something else I  have to sort out. Kennel for dogs and driving to Sydney. I think I'll only be there for a week, but see how Mum goes.


Pedro the Ignorant said...

Floyd (the wonder dog) strikes again! :-)

My hound will snort up anything put on his plate except green peas.

I gave him about a half a kilo of leftover beef cassserole full of meat, carrots, spuds, onions, capsicum, and green peas for dinner Sunday night.

Hound woofed down everything in about a nano second, looked at his shiny clean bowl, then up at me, grinned, and promptly spat out about a hundred green peas.

How do they do that? I stand in awe.

kae said...

Goodness, Pedro!
Sounds like my first dog, 48.
If I used to cook lambs fry and bacon I'd be sure to have a bit extra for the dog. He loved it, I'd give him the leftovers sometimes and it would be mixed with green peas, spuds and pumpkin.
All would be hoovered up, except the peas would be beside the bowl and the pumpkin larger bits would be left in the bowl, no gravy on any of it. He was a delicate eater, too. One "Good O" at a time!
Poor old soul's been gone since 1999. He was over 13, blind, deaf and very badly affected by arthritis.

Merilyn said...

"He's so clever, he's got me trained", but of course he has, that is why he is known as FLOYD THE WONDER DOG!

Hope all goes well for your Mum Kae.

Minicapt said...

All of this silly Air Force talk ...