Saturday, May 14, 2011

Going to Sydney

I'll be in Sydney from late Sunday 29 May to ?

Mum gets out of hospital on 30 May and she's asked me to come down for her.

If anyone wants to contact me and meet up give me a ring - mobile number is in the phone book.

It's currently 13C degrees outside, but inside it's 24C... I love my fire! It's supposed to get down to 6C tomorrow morning, probably before dawn. Today the temp got up to 22C outside. But it didn't seem that warm, and was only 19C when I popped out to the shops at about 3:30pm.


stackja1945 said...

Hope all the best for you and mum.
Latest Weather Observations for Sydney - Observatory Hill
15/11:00am 13.6C

Merilyn said...

Notice a lot of comments on your other posts have vanished Kae so will say again hope all goes well with your Mum.

How are you going down to Sydney, driving or by plane?

Albury Shifton said...

Mmeting up's a great idea! Please wear your Supergirl costume.

kae said...

Dear Albury
Unfortunately in the 25 years since I wore that costume I have appreciated somewhat. And gravity has taken grip of... things.
And my hair has faded, too.
But if anyone's interested in getting together for a meal somewhere you're welcome to email me at the gmail address on the blog and I'll get back to you. Those who know my identity can phone my mobile, it's in the book.