Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mum's surgery

Mum's fine. All successful no complications, except she's got very low bloodpressure - has always had it, but it seems to drop when she's had anaesthetic.

She's ordered me to break her out on Monday... or I think I will be out of the will (meh, she's spending the inheritance, it's not much of a threat!).


Anonymous said...

Best to you AND your mum, Kae, thanks for the update!

Merilyn said...

Good to hear that Kae, was wondering how she was going, but didn't like to ask.
Yes break her out or she will go "stir crazy". [Says she who detests hospitals.]

Pogria said...

Text me when you and mum have settled in at home and I'll come over with a tray of my world famous cinnamon rolls!

I haven't forgotten the jam I promised you either.

See ya.

ORPO1 said...

Good to know things are getting better for both of you.
And I agree, break her out!!!!
I hated the four days in hospital when I had the nephrectomy a year and a half ago........