Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A furore about abattoirs in Indonesia, but not a peep about rape in custody inquiry

Australians sell their cattle overseas. Once the cattle are sold, they are not owned by Australians any more.

JOE HOCKEY: The Government came out with a balanced view after 24 hours and said we will stop sending live cattle to those questionable abattoirs. That was the right decision but they panicked.

We gave them bipartisan support at that point and then they panicked and banned all live exports and now you are seeing complete meltdown in northern Australian cattle industry with the price impact flowing through to the whole meat industry. (more)
The reaction by the government was too fast and too severe.

But there's not a peep about Fielding's about face on child abuse regarding the request for an inquiry into the  Heiner affair.

Barnaby Joyce has his say.


Merilyn said...

Kae there seems to be a lot more to the cattle story then meets the eye.

As for Fielding that was the third time he went over to the other side.
1. The Cape York affair
2. The Plebiscite vote
2. The Heiner Affair.
Don't know if he was promised anything but do know Family First were angry as that was not what he was advised to do.

Merilyn said...

Good news in the Rugby, Queensland Reds beat the Auckland Blue's 30 to 13. Hope you enjoyed the game Mick. [Is it ok to ask that question Kae?]

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Does your comment suggest, Merilyn, this kae girl-person doesn't like rugby? Or sport? Now that would be astonishing and - wait for it (I love an opportunity to use these stupid non words) - inappropriate and unacceptable.

Now that I've given young Miss Her what for - nice of you to ask Merilyn.

I watched after 1sts won (just) at our "rugby in paradise" club in its beautiful setting on the water, together with Club President Vanessa from Auckland, wearing her Auckland jersey, and with all the young 'uns and us older 'uns who get them onto the field. A great night full of laughs and delineation of blind prejudice between our 30% locals, the 50% Christchurchian players who hate Auckland and the handful of Aucklanders.

Next weekend's final will be a beauty between the impudent opportunism of McKenzie's crew against the sophisticated excellence of Todd Blackadder's fabulous Crusaders. In days past I would have been a shoe in as host or guest in a corporate box - the atmosphere on Saturday at Lang Park would be a splendid thing to experience. I'll enjoy it again with our blokes (and leave after, when they crank up the oompa woompa music for yoof-ful "dancing" afterwards).


Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

As to kae's note about the live cattle trade - I've realised there's something more sinister behind the PETA / RSPCA / ABC set up. I suspect more damning stuff will be revealed over time - meanwhile good people have had their businesses and livelihoods burnt.

Ironically the great Labor urban-centric grievance industry has abandoned one of the few industries in which seriously capable aboriginal stockmen enjoy permanent work. I well recall my father's tales of their trackers' ability to read the invisible path of stock during his time in the 30s and 40s as a breaker for the Skuthorpes.

There are stuff all of them with the same pride as these blokes who are prepared to work as experts in a craft and therefore few other industries prepared to offer jobs up there for which the rest of them will not turn up.

I also read that one of the big suppliers (Elders?) wrote to the minister pointing out they have a wholly compliant supply and slaughter chain established and therefore they should be excluded from any export shut down. He ignored them.

I offered this view at Miranda Devine's blog today:

"A unilateral and comprehensive decision like this in a serious minded public company would put the chief executive under the spotlight for precipitous decision making. The shareholder expectation is that much of his time is spent on looking ahead and solving problems little by little as they emerge, not by dramatic change. He’d be shown the door for such lack of foresight, together with the manager that allowed the problem to get so bad - that’s Comrade bogan leader and the Comrade minister.

A smart operation then puts its most polished performer on the job to fix the damage caused and to repair the trading partner relationship.

What do we do, after throwing a bluzzy big bucket of sanctimony all over our closest, biggest neighbour who is way more important to us that we are to them? We send the same inept minister in again, but this time armed with the most unpolished, most cynical, most myopic cheerleader they can find in Comrade Windsor who simply could not care less about anything but delivering another blow to the long disbanded Country Party. He’s alright Jack, he’s made his money.

He retires next election and Ludwig fades into obscurity with his fat pension. The beef growers are left behind, their livelihoods horribly depleted. The Indonesians too remain, well remembering the insult and avoiding the self righteous former supplier to the south east, as they grow stronger and even more important to this country’s future. There’s 10 times more of them than us.

Our stupidity is breathtaking."

Merilyn said...

Well said Mick. There is a rather nasty smell starting to rise off this carcass.

When Bob Katter went looking for Windsor to back up his call and was told, off "It's all under control, WE don't want anyone interfering". [Windsor took the government line] but it was that WE that stood out. [With thanks to the article from Miranda Devine for that 3/7/2011 a stunning act of betrayal].

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

By now kae would normally have told me "You are a boofhead Mick, behave!"

I wish she still cared ....

Merilyn said...

Message for Mick.

"Back off Boofhead".....she still cares.

Kae is very busy flat out with exam results, but she luv yaz all.

Good luck Kae, hope all the students pass.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

hee hee

Merilyn said...

Just in.

Ban on cattle export lifted.


kae said...

Someone tell the Indonesians. They've not renewed their permits.

Ludwig's a dill.
The ALP are dills.
And that's being kind.

Merilyn said...

Spot on Kae, just been reading more about this so-called lifted ban.

Ludwig is a dill.
The ALP are dills.
And that is being kind.

And Julia is a fat red-headed liar bird. [No offence is directed to normal red-heads by this wording].