Saturday, August 8, 2009



The old CRTV was on top of a cabinet in which I stored my vinyl records. These records are in excellent condition and now, thanks to Brother and SIL and Aldi, I have a USB player which I can play them on, must do that some day.

Anyhoo, the CRTV is gone and I now have a plasma. The cabinet has been moved (it was too high for the plasma TV to sit on), and the records are in boxes which I can't move. I need to continue to put them into the cabinet in its new position. Problem is I've realised that they are all out of alpha order by group/artist. Really annoying if you're looking for something specific. So. The dilemma?

Every time I have ever sorted my records into alpha artist/group order I end up moving within six months. It is a time consuming task, there are about 300 of them, but in their current disarray I can't find anything anyway.

What should I do?


Anonymous said...

"What should I do?"

I'm sure someone will suggest, converting them to MPEGs and then use a cataloging programme to sort them.

Unless you have oodles of time and fathomless patience, I'd advice against it.

Maybe you can crack it, but if you are anywhere near like I am, you will give it up at about the third of the way, or maybe even sooner.

I tried both, saving my vinyls to disk and scanning my slides to disk, they are both at the same stage, about ten % finished, and knowing, myself, they probably stay that way, unless a miracle happens.

Sorting 300 records by hand is not too hard. Start with groups or artists first.

Good luck indeed!

kae said...

Great suggestion, but I don't have time! I still have my father's and grandmother's slides to scan and save to CD... lol. When!
I haven't even unpacked the turntable - anyway, I first have to make room in the computer room for it, so some furniture has to be juggled/disposed of.

Fun, fun, fun.

I have sorted records before, but as I said, I usually end up moving within six months of sorting them and they get all out of sorts again.


Minicapt said...

Do you want to move again? If not, don't sort the records. Given a bit of time, the records will self-sort as you play them. Like socks in a drawer.


kae said...

You're right Minicapt.
I'm for don't sort, but I'll be looking for one of them I know! I don't play them often, I'd like to convert the ones I have which I can't get on CD so that I can listen to those songs...